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WIHN centralizes file management, project management, talent, and logistics into a single platform, integrated by a unified data model and accelerating product creation through machine learning assited design product creation.








What you get with WI.HN

Integrated Platform

Fully integrated e-commerce, project management and real-time design.

Development Management

End-to-end development management – from concept design to volume production / sourcing & support.

Asset Repository

Leverage the WI.HN asset repository to build products and virtual worlds through procedural generation.

Interactive Visualization

Proprietary visualization engine leverages a shared virtual space to view, analyze, modify, discover and publish, designs faster.

Scalable Cloud Solution

Flexibility and growth through Microsoft Azure, providing pain-free growth and 99.999% uptime.

Trusted Expertise Pool

Connect with a global pool of technology& business experts to innovate, design and build in a simplified workflow.

Seamless Customer Experience

Integrated end-to-end service: visual product experience, pipeline progress management, and more.

Why use WI.HN?

Product development is disconnected, expensive, slow, and broken.

WHIN Solution

WIH cuts the fat in product development by connecting people and services together hype-efficiently increasing the velocity to market and reducing development costs.

Baton Race

Focused product delivery with fractional talent precisely providing valua at the right time. Leveraging open source, APIs, reference designs, and key manufacturers to reduce barriers to production and consolidating delivery to reduce complexity from cradle to grave.

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